Monday, December 23, 2013

day no. 12,845: Jesus in me and for me

Earlier this morning I touched base with my dead friend Oswald. He had this to say from the grave today.

When I commit myself to the revelation made in the New Testament, I receive from God the gift of the Holy Spirit Who begins to interpret to me what Jesus did and does in me subjectively all that Jesus Christ did for me objectively.

This is a phenomenal way of condensing a difficult idea into a quick quip.

The Holy Spirit interprets to me what Jesus did and does and this occurs subjectively.  It is abstract, but substantial. It is sanctification.

What Jesus did in His perfect life and sacrificial death occurred objectively in documented history.  It is concrete, but supernatural.  It is our justification.

How the magnitude of what He did on a particular day on a particular cross on a particular hill at a particular time is translated and interpretted and infused into my specific heart and mind day after day in my life is a subjective process accomplished by the work of God by His Holy Spirit on our behalf.

When I commit, I receive the Spirit Who interprets to me what Jesus did and does in me by what He already did for me.

So good.

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