Thursday, December 19, 2013

day no. 12,841: do not recline on your resume‏

I was spending some time this morning with my friend Oswald Chambers when he said,
The most difficult person to deal with is the one who has the smug satisfaction of an experience to which he can refer back, but who is not working it out in practical life. If you say you are sanctified, show it. The experience must be so genuine that it is shown in the life. Beware of any belief that makes you self-indulgent; it came from the pit, no matter how beautiful it sounds.
We do not graduate from Christianity.
Our assurance cannot rest in a confession. Our words are too weak and ineffective as to capture the entire weight of our sin. We cannot lift the weight of our sin onto the altar.
We can only find rest in Christ.
It is not trying your best and letting Jesus complete the rest.
It’s not resting on what you have already done.
It’s being arrested in Him and the rest He accomplished already.
Do not recline on your resume’.
It will betray you, no matter how accomplished it may be.

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