Sunday, December 8, 2013

day no. 12,830: monk practice/mobile church

Today we had practice for the monk sketch we are performing on Thursday evening and Sunday morning for Candeo’s “Come and Worship” Christmas production.  It should be pretty epic.  “As epic as my beard?,” you ask unprompted.  “Yes!,” I say, “Yes a thousand times.”

We wear shorts while practicing as it is quite physically intense and we get our heart-rates up.  However, since we are a mobile church, when all the fun and games are over, someone has to pack and load up everything.  It is awesome to see so many people throwing themselves all in to help.  Yes, it was cold and yes it was Sunday afternoon and yes, I’m guessing everyone would have rather have left an hour earlier to be home under a blanket relaxing or napping.

But this is a church plant and we are seeing a rich harvest from our young plant.  It’s worth it.  It still costs something, but not so much that you look back and wish you had withheld anything.  If anything, it makes you look back and wonder going forward if you can find more to do.

It’s a strange phenomenon this going all in.


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