Monday, April 22, 2019

day no. 14,791: my new favorite word: "assiduity"

Yesterday morning I was reading Foxe's Book of Martyrs and came across a new word.

In recounting the martyrdom of a man named Perfectus in 850 A.D., the service of this saint is described as being performed with assiduity and punctuality.

I have to admit, I did not know exactly how to define, "assiduity." 

So, I looked it up!

I LOVE that! Constant or close attention to what one is doing. I love intentionality. I like hearing about how others live intentionally for Jesus in their marriages, parenting, ministry, service, labors, eating, drinking, playing, reading, thinking, scheduling, budgeting, speaking, etc...

This is my life word: assiduity. I delight in doing things on purpose with purpose. Purpose is the high privilege of those who know their Creator, Sustainer, Judge and Pardoner. 

I am a "J" personality type in that I like order, but I think assiduity is an even deeper core personality trait. I love intentionality and gravitate towards it. My inner most being delights in it and find joy in urging others to grab hold of it. I can insist on it to the point probably of putting the ass in assiduity. Forgive me my insistence, but I can hardly imagine a more honorable characteristic than doing everything you can with intention, provided those intentions are inspired and informed by God's Word and to the telos of His glory above every other thing.