Monday, December 9, 2013

day no. 12,831: a realization of twice as nice‏

I never had anything I wanted to do.
No daydreams of being a doctor.
No desire to be a farmer.
I found music and making music.
I could see myself doing that forever.
So much so that I moved my whole life to Ames, IA.
I left home.
Started over.
All to see if music would work out for me.
It didn’t.
But God introduced Himself to me in Ames, IA.
I met God because He used a radical decision to pursue something I love to introduce me to a better Love.
I returned to having no idea what I wanted to do with my life.
I just knew I wanted to do it for Jesus.
Then He prompted Jacob to harass me to get involved in teaching at the Light (Post-College ministry at Cornerstone in Ames)
I found a new desire.
I wanted to teach and preach and study and spend my days around like-minded men striving to know God and make Him known.
I doubted myself.
I despaired.
The dream did not die.
But it went dormant.
Until my wife began pushing me to consider this deep desire to study and speak about Jesus from the Bible.
So here I am again.
For the second time in my life I’m uprooting my entire life to pursue a desire.
My desire is to be taught and trained to be a ministry leader.
My dream is to do vocationally that which my heart and mind desire to do by my new nature in Christ:
Study, pray, teach, counsel, advise, think, create, conform, contrast, build, destroy all for Jesus all the live long day.
My desire to make music brought me to Ames.
I did not find what I was looking for.
God found me.
My desire to make much of Jesus has led us to Cedar Falls.
Who knows what I may find here and what will find me by the grace of God.
I only today realized this about my life.
Music and Ministry are things I would do all day if allowed.
I have moved my whole life twice now to see if permission would be granted by God to go forward with something I love for Someone I love..

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