Friday, December 20, 2013

day no. 12.842: when you commit to Jesus for salvation, you also commit to His worldview‏

Always nice to spend time with old friends.

We are apt to forget that a man is not only committed to Jesus Christ for salvation; he is committed to Jesus Christ’s view of God, of the world, of sin and of the devil, and this will mean that he must recognize the responsibility of being transformed by the renewing of his mind.

Too many attempt to receive Jesus without changing their prior way of thinking. You cannot call Jesus "Lord" and then dismiss entirely His way of seeing the world. Your worldview must be that of Jesus' if you want to be His disciple.

Do not take the arrogant and defiant position of allowing Jesus to save you, but resisting His authority to guide you.

If you and Jesus disagree on anything, guess what?
You're wrong.

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