Tuesday, April 16, 2013

wordsmithin': etcetera‏

Extra! Extra! Read all about it HERE.

et cet·er·a ~ n
Abbr. etc.

1. A number of unspecified persons or things.
2. Additional odds and ends; extras.

I do not remember when I was first introduced to this abbreviation or phrase. I imagine I saw it regularly showing up at the end of lists and learned that it represented a shorter way of exhausting every possible item in a list.

I heard the word recently in message by Eric Ludy found HERE.

I had never thought of the term in Christian terms.

Are you willing to be an “et cetera?”

An afterthought.
A servant who is ignored.
One counted faithful by God and discounted by men.

The life hereafter will largely be comprised of et ceteras.

But you say what about St. John, St. Peter, St. Augustine, Luther, Moody, Billy Graham, etc…

There will be more people whose names you are learning for the first time upon introduction in the life hereafter than there will be Spurgeons or John the Baptists (who was greatest of men here and to be least of those in Heaven).

Some will be Driscolls.
Most will be nobodies.

It isn’t that you can’t be considered.
It is that you must be WILLING to be ignored.

So are you?

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