Friday, April 12, 2013

!rak chazak amats!

I'm not particularly manly in many ways, but I do love a good fight.

Enter THIS bad boy.

I love that this phrase, "rak chazak amats!" was once "a thing."

Translated often as "be strong and courageous," this phrase encourages me.

Literally: it creates in me courage.

I am, by nature, cowardly, but stuff like this makes me feel like a unicorn even though I'm just a rhino.

It is also interesting that anyone would command someone to be strong and courageous.  It seems like something you either are or have rather than something you could be or become by exhortation.

But that is what encouragement is.
It is the courageous infusing courage into the cowardly.

Do more study for yourself into it HERE, HERE or HERE.

Jesus is strong and courageous.
He never failed.

Because of His success, my failure is forgiven.
I am encouraged by His grace.
His courage makes me want to be brave.
His grace makes me confident in confession rather than fearfully retreating into lies and deception.

I can be brave about my cowardice in Christ alone.

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