Wednesday, April 2, 2014

day no. 12,945: prophet, priest and king‏

I was recently directed to THIS tool for evaluating my leadership/ministry style/strength/weaknesses.
I am strongest in the Priestly and Prophetic styles and weakest in Kingly style.
Most ministry positions are filled by Prophets.
They tend to be go-gettin’, type A, trailblazin’ leader types and they aggressively get after the good work to be done.
Since I am more of a Priest than a Prophet, I tend to focus more on the individual than the group and  more on the assistance to the goal than the initial persuasion to the goal.
It’s not that I am void of Prophetic desire to defend the truth and call people to repent, but rather to say my sweet spot is helping those on the way to the Celestial City reach their goal.
It is hard to find room for a Priest in a post-Sacrificial world. There once was a more obvious place to plug people with my strengths in as one who helped another make their sacrifices that they had already determined to bring.
I am praying for the opportunity to someday soon be employed for the purpose of flexing my Priestly muscles in assisting people across the finish line.

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