Monday, April 7, 2014

day no. 12,950: stand up for manhood‏

My friend, Joel Vint, sent this to me today.

This may be my new favorite King Jamesism taking the place of “shew thyself approve” and “certain lewd fellows of the baser sort.”
I looked it up. The KJV is legit on this one. It literally is “against the wall any that urinate” in Hebrew.
Why does any of this matter?
There is something emasculating about forcing a man to sit down to piss.
It’s weird and unusual.
It’s not sin per se, but it’s wrong on some level.
Manhood and being male are two different things for sure.
Lord knows I am still trying to receive and live out of a manhood defined by God through Christ.
I’m not a man among men, but I do pisseth against the wall.
I’ll be punching that on my man card.
Grows a beard? Check
Pisseth against the wall? Check
It’s not a long resume, but it’s the manliest stuff I got to date.


  1. Uh, hmmm...well, that was, uh, interesting.

    1. Yeah, it is clearly a euphemism meaning “men” or “males” but it is interesting that the literal Hebrew states it in these terms. Interesting to me at least I guess. I find words and the sentiments behind communicating things by choosing certain words fascinating. Certainly the Hebrew could have read “all the males.” They had words for those concepts. But the prophets chose to use the euphemism “all those that pisseth against the wall.” In doing so, they communicate “all the males” but they also communicate something else. It communicates a difference between men and women at a level of creation and function/even role perhaps.

  2. It just seems that he maybe extrapolated a bit more than the text least that particular text. But yeah, words and how they are used are fascinating. I think Paige would prefer you pisseth in the toilet and not the wall.