Tuesday, April 29, 2014

day no. 12,972: penelope is four today!

I am so excited to meet 4 year old Penelope!!!

3 year old Penelope was a hoot.

I love my little girl.

She has lately taken to talking about marrying me someday.

For now, I'm fine with that.

I love my little girl.

She loves crazy socks, princess dresses, acting like little David about to sling shot Goliath, pretending to be a bride in a wedding, dance parties in the living room, Faithful, Discretion and Christiana's Story at the end of Dangerous Journey, Blandina the martyr, Ruth the Moabite and watching people get baptized at church.

She's well-rounded!


  1. Happy Birthday, Penelope!
    Also, this joke:
    What disease did Boaz catch?
    Acute Moabitis ( A cute Moabitess)
    Andrew made that up himself.