Thursday, April 3, 2014

day no. 12,946 continued... late night @ SALT

I am teaching tonight on "Decision Making and the Will of God" at Late Night at Salt.  Basically, Salt goes on as per usual and then people stay afterward to hear an additional quick teaching (10-15 minutes) during which the audience texts in questions they have related to the topic.  When the teaching is over, a few other Salt leaders join tthe teacher on stage and field the questions that were texted in previously.  Good stuff.  So grateful for the opportunity to serve and lead and teach and grow and be humbled and be excited, etc...

For those who won't be there, here is the best advice I can give on making non-moral decisions:

1. Read your Bible (know what it says about everything)
2. Pray (spend time getting to know the God you serve and seeking His counsel)
3. Seek wise counsel (find people who you respect and will listen to)
4. Make a decision (do something)

When it comes to moral decisions, make the moral choice. 
Easy enough.

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