Wednesday, September 18, 2013

day no. 12,749: a tale of two daughter‏s: the wall and the door

Song of Solomon 8:8-10

8We have a little sister,
and she has no breasts.
What shall we do for our sister
on the day when she is spoken for?
9 If she is a wall,
we will build on her a battlement of silver,
but if she is a door,
we will enclose her with boards of cedar.

10I was a wall,
and my breasts were like towers;
then I was in his eyes
as one who finds peace.
I pray with my daughters, Penelope and Laurelai, every night that they might be a wall and NOT a door.
A young woman who is a wall is a gift to her parents, her siblings and her future husband.
That said, I would rather have a repentant door than a proud wall if my prayers for a humble wall are not answered by God.
God, by Your grace, save my daughters from insecurity, sexual immorality, promiscuity, crude flirting, facebook hook-ups, and the like. But if it is that they are ever in any of these, may You save them out of them to love and worship You as their Rescuer. Amen.
God rescues His elect from sin.
He restrains otherwise wandering hearts by His Spirit.
He forgives hearts that have wandered by His grace in Christ.
May Penelope and Laurelai be elected for eternal life by grace through faith to God, the Father through God, the Son in God, the Spirit. Amen (again).

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