Monday, September 9, 2013

day no. 12,740: overcoming evil with good‏

I was listening to the Bible Answer Man on tthe way home the other night and he was mentioning how an evidence of the resurrection is the total transformation of the disciples after having witnessed the risen Christ. He was speaking to the fact that a group of 11 men turned an entire kingdom upside down. In a very short time, Christianity would spread over the entire Roman world.

It reminded me of Romans 12:21 and Romans 13:1.
Christianity did not overcome Rome by force.
Christianity overtook Rome by faith.
Paul's instruction to the Roman Christians paid dividends in their obedience to his command.
They obeyed Paul and the Scriptures and in so doing produced the very fruit promised in its pages.
Not only is it good advice to avoid being overcome by evil, but good actually can overcome evil.
Christ overcame evil.
Christians overcame the tyranny of Rome.
Against all odds.
Christ rose from the dead.
Christianity survived Nero.
And both by faith in God and His unfailing Word.
That encouraged my heart.
May it encourage yours as well.

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