Thursday, September 5, 2013

day no. 12,736: thoughts from church: Romans 13:1-7 by Jarrod Bartholomew‏

Today we talked about politics and religion at the same time in the same service.


Everyone MUST submit to governing authorities.(Rom 13:1)

Love MUST be without hypocrisy. (Rom 12:9)

When anyone hears that love MUST be without hypocrisy, everyone nods their heads in agreement.


Because MOST people want to be genuinely loved.

When anyone hears that everyone MUST submit to the government their heads shake with double-take.


Because MOST people want to have excuse to disobey and rebel.

Of course, Paul wanted people to really love each other.
I can get on board with true love.

But Paul could not possibly mean that he expected us to obey the rules of the civil authorities, right?

I am not ready to sign on for submission.
Especially to someone I don't like.

Jarrod made the point that the worst government in the history of the world may have been the one in place at the time Paul wrote this letter.

He also proposed that even the worst government in history is better than no government.
Anarchy is worse than bad government.

There is something in the institutions set up by God that are good for reminding us that we are under authority.

Parents, bosses, husbands, governments, church, etc...

I love my church.
I love my pastor.

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