Wednesday, September 4, 2013

day no. 12,735: impromptu play‏

***just a reminder that I write these as they come to me and then they get scheduled out.  all that to say, I know today is not Saturday.  But it was when I wrote this.
I love Saturday mornings home with my wife and kids.
I just participated in an impromptu play.
Penelope insisted that I pretend to be a baby who was saying, "I'm a baby and I'm scared of the bad guys. Protect me!"
Atticus came running into the room holding a baby spoon as a sword yelling, "I'm a bad guy!"
Penelope rushed to my side, held me and said, "I will protect you baby."
Penelope then interceded between Atticus and I and pointed at him and said, "Hey, bad guy can you stop being mean?"
Before Atticus could respond she pointed at him and made a "bang bang" type sound (although it sounded more like "kish kish")
Atticus fell down dead and Penelope returned to me saying, "I'm a mommy who shot the bad guy."
Atticus sprung up and took on the personification of an army of bad guys that Penelope then proceded to mow down with her finger-pistol.
Atticus then ran into the other room and returned promptly as a good guy with a gun to commend Penelope's good work and offer his additional assurance that I would be safe under his protection.
I love my kids.
I love my wife.
I love Jesus.
I love Saturday mornings with all of them.

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