Tuesday, July 16, 2013

did we ever reach a conclusion on that whole "how many angels can fit on the head of a pin?" thing?


Is this tissue as soft as an angel is soft?
Do we know that angels are, in fact, soft?

Or is this tissue as soft as angels prefer?

On a scale of  ZERO to ANGEL, how soft is this tissue?
Angelsoft, baby!

The product attempts to qualify the matter by stating it's "an ideal balance of Softness & STRENGTH."

How does that clarify things?

So does the "angel" part of "angelsoft" refer to how strong the tissue is?
If so, I was under the impression from before that they were soft.

If strength is what you're going for, I have better suggestions:


No, that clearly doesn't add up.

I think they were going for a double-dip akin to saying, "softsoft."

Because angels live on the tops of clouds and are the winged versions of our dead relatives, right?

Nice try Angelsoft!

Unless angels are, in fact, as strong as they are soft or as soft as they are strong, you've got yourself a dilemma.

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