Monday, July 8, 2013

new teen paranormal romance‏tastic

If someone wrote a book about 19th Century Russian Footwear few people would read it. How many different books about 19th Century Russian Footwear would have to be produced and read in order to require its own section?

The picture below is an actual picture from Barnes & Noble showing a section of books labeled “New Teen Paranormal Romance.”

Where to begin…
Why do teens need romance books? What good could possibly come from teens reading about other teens getting romantic with other teens?
Furthermore, how have so many young girls been duped into thinking a vampire would be a perfect soul mate to require a whole genre of literature devoted to it.
Beyond that, you’re telling me there is such an influx of this stuff that it requires a “NEW” section?
Where is the Old Teen Paranormal Romance section? You know the stuff that we used to read. The books with which we are now thoroughly bored.
Suffice it to say, I by-passed the NTPR section and found my way to the Old Middle-Aged Human Marriage section where I couldn’t find my book because Barnes & Noble did not have it in stock.

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