Monday, March 31, 2014

day no. 12,943: believe, leave and cleave

When Christians start dating, they begin to draw closer and closer to each other.  This is the natural course of events as designed by God.  It is meant for the purpose of long, satisfying marital intimacy that grows in oneness until the marriage covenant is broken by death or Christ's return.
When the natural course of growing closer is expedited by sin, the Holy Spirit convicts and commands repentance which means turning around.  In that time of turning around, it feels like you're growing apart for the first time, but it only feels that way.  If you retreat to the right trajectory, you will be taking a few steps back, because you attempted to be too close too soon.  You wanted more oneness than your situation in God's sight allowed.

But if you return to the right trajectory, you will again begin to grow closer to each other and in individual godliness as you go about things God's way until coming together in oneness in marriage.  After that, you grow in oneness side-by-side and emotionally, spiritually, relationally and physically.

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