Friday, March 7, 2014

day no. 12,919: eating it all up

I am a pastor in training at Candeo Church.  We are affectionately referred to as the PIT Crew (Pastors In Training – for those playin’ at home).  We are the Elders of Candeo Church. We recently had a retreat weekend in order to have some more time to discuss vision for 2014 as well as continuing to be vetted and tested regarding our qualification to be affirmed as Pastors/Elders.  This most recent retreat found us back in Ames, IA to meet with some of the Elders of Cornerstone Church of Ames.  When in Ames, do as the Amesites do: eat at Hickory Park.  I took a bite out of this napkin while waiting for the cheeseballs to arrive!  Next to me is Scott Reger, another PIT Crew team member.  These are fun times.  I love being around these men.  They challenge me to be more than I am.  They encourage me to rise up.  To even be included in this group of men is an honor and brings my soul great joy and appreciation to God.  I don’t know why I get to enjoy this camaraderie.  I would pinch myself, but that would be lamexcore. Who pinches anybody?  Girls.  That’s who.  Girls pinch.  But I digress, I love being around the kind of men I want to be.  I am learning and being sharpened by the opportunity to be in their presence on a regular basis.  I love following them as they follow Jesus (1 Cor 11:1, Php 4:9)


  1. Fun fact: I saw you as you were leaving Hickory Park that day. I was buried seven people deep in one of their big booths, and although I thought about yelling your name really loud when at first you didn't hear me, I for once resisted the urge to make a spectacle of myself, especially given that you were obviously rolling with your church homies. You're welcome.

    1. rollin with homies! oh clueless, you weren't so clueless after all.