Thursday, March 6, 2014

day no. 12,918 continued... when it feels worse than it is‏

As you can see in this screen capture from back on January 6, it felt like -47 degrees in northeast Iowa. Don’t feel too badly for us though if you’re not from around here. It wasn’t actually -47 degrees. It was only in actuality -20 degrees. The high temperature today is going to be -13 degrees, so don’t worry. It only feels like -47 degrees. But it isn’t.

I’m not sure which is harder to appreciate: that it FEELS like -47 degrees or that it actually IS only -20 degrees.

Both of those statements respectively blow my mind.

How can something feel like -47 degrees. I have no category for how cold that is. I can imagine 70 degrees (especially right now). I can imagine 32 degrees. I don’t know how to imagine -47 degrees.

That said, wind chill aside, I don’t know how to deal with the fact that it actually is -20 degrees.

Even if you had 50 degrees of heat laying around to spare and decided to toss it into the Cedar Valley, it would still be 2 degrees BELOW freezing.

That is nuts.

50 degrees would not be enough to get things ABOVE freezing.

That however pales in comparison to the fact that if feels like it is 79 degrees BELOW freezing.

In Honolulu, Hawaii it is supposed to around 80 degrees today. That sounds nice about now, right? You could add the feeling of Honolulu to how it feels in the Cedar Valley right now and it would still freeze water.

All that to say… it’s cold.

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