Wednesday, March 26, 2014

day no. 12,938: happy birthday my wife!

Today is my wife's birthday!

This has been an exciting season of growth and growing pains alike.

One of the most fun things in this whole move and life change has been seeing my wife grow in faith and faithfulness.  It is fun to point girls in my wife's direction.  There are few women I personally know that I would trust more to counsel a young lady than my wife.

And to think this woman I call my wife is also the one raising my kids.

I am blessed and grateful and full of hope and optimism when it comes to her.

Times are sometimes tough, but God has been good to protect us and our friendship and marriage in the midst of difficulty and delight.

Happy birthday my wife.

I'm glad you were born.

I'm more glad you were reborn.

And now I'm very excited and proud to be sharing our lives together as one 'til death or His return.

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