Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the myth of "the one" assumes affection is the glue that holds marriage together‏

The problem with the myth of “the one” is that it assumes that affection is the glue that holds the marriage together, when really it is your commitment to marriage that safeguards the affection. So ditch the myth and get hitched.” ~Kevin DeYoung

The myth of “the one” perpetuates our worldly tendency to exalt our emotion to the place of first priority.

We then act in accordance with our feelings and lastly, we think.

If we run into resistance in relationship, we defer to our emotions that are telling us to cut bait and find a better mate.

The Bible teaches wisdom is orienting your life exactly opposite of this worldly default.

Instead of feel, do, think; the Bible promotes a paradigm shift to think, do, feel.

We commit to marriage.
We act in accordance with our commitment.
We develop emotions consistent with our conviction and commitment.

"A man must choose what he loves and then he must love his choice."

In our worship of emotion, we place it first, and thereby interrupt our ability to sustain it.
Emotion is not stable enough to provide a foundation for any relationship.
Emotion is too fickle and volatile to serve as a building block.

If in wisdom we exalt the Word, then act in accordance with its principles and commands, we find ourselves feeling the very things we never thought possible.

If we chase emotions, we lose everything.
The man who chases wind doe not catch it (or anything else)

When we seek wisdom, we find right emotions.

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