Monday, June 24, 2013

this weak end

This weekend was the most miserable 48 hours I've experienced in recent memory.

So much sweat and frustration and lifting and driving and lonely and money, etc...

But all was not lost.

My friend, Travis (better knowin in this forum as Travinci) traversed land and sea to pick me up from Cedar Falls on Friday afternoon after driving 1 1/2 hours to do so, only to turn around and drive me back to Story City so that I could drive the Uhaul this weekend without having my ride stuck in Story.

Such a blessing to be his friend.

Besides the great gesture, it allowed me 1 1/2 hours of drive time back to Story to just chat with Travis and hear about his life, his thoughts, etc... 

So many friends came over on Saturday to help us move: Andy, Dani, Jordan, Andrew, Emily, Jacob, Jamie, Laura, Lauren, Jon, Laura (not Iscariot), and the neighbor even made an appearance.

So manh friends showed up on the back end to help me unload after a long day: Jerry, Jerry's son-in-law, Nate, Peter, Elley, Claire, Paul, Josiah, Lowell and J. Wise.

God has provided us with so much help in doing so much work.
It is still work.
God is still good.
I am tired.
God never rests.

Psalm 68:19-20

19 Blessed be the Lord,
who daily bears us up;
God is our salvation.
20 Our God is a God of salvation;
and to God, the Lord, belongs escape from death.

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