Tuesday, June 25, 2013

let's meet in the middle‏

God does not do it.
You cannot meet Him halfway.
You will not reach God by climbing Jacob’s ladder anymore than you will build a Babel to the doorstep of Heaven.
Either He comes all the way down or we perish.
God will not meet you in the middle as though we and He are both a little off base and a reasonable compromise would be to find a center point, a “happy” medium as though robbing Jesus of some glory to cater to and exalt your depravity were a “happy” offer for God to receive from us.
Jesus does not meet us in the middle.
Praise God!
He comes all the way down to lift us all the way up.
We can only climb so far up.
Our paths do not cross as I climb and He descends.
Our paths lead down to the foot of the Cross after He goes all the way down.
There is no further down than Jesus bloodied on a tree becoming something altogether foreign to Him.

He took on an alien sin so that we could inherit an alien righteousness.
There is no middle in that.
There is no meeting to discuss that.
There is Jesus and Him crucified dead and buried and now risen from the grave.


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    1. i hope it continually gives your mind joy in delighting in all He has done for us.