Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the heart, head, and headship of the matter‏

In meeting with Pastor Tom yesterday I was given insight into the malady and mending of the whole human as created in God’s image and reconciled, restored, and renewed in Christ.
We must order our lives around obeying God in our emotions, mind, and will.

When we feel wrongly about God, we grieve the Holy Spirit.
When we think wrongly about God, we quench the Holy Spirit.
When we do not conform our will to God, we resist the Holy Spirit.
The world operates in the world of the belly.
In other words, "how does it make me feel?"
Here's how this fleshes out (pun intended)
*wink & the gun*
Feelings are paramount.
They are the most trustworthy guide to live a worldly life.
How does it make me feel?

I will act based on my feelings.
I will learn to think about things based on how this process produces results.

The end result: feeling led actions producing thoughts about life.

However, the Bible instructs us to:

Think rightly about God
Act in accord with what we learn
Conjure feelings finally as a result.

Feelings are the least trustworthy source of information we have.

Do you see how the world does this ass-backwards? 
Or belly-forwards? 
Or wrong!
Or Bazinga!
Or whatever, I’m tired.
You will not like where you end up.
You will end up doing things you regret.
You will get caught up in the spirit of the age and miss the Spirit of God entirely.

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