Thursday, February 14, 2013

galentine's - let's hear it for the grrls

Happy Valentine's Day wife!

I am looking forward to our date tonight.

(mad props to lauren janelle - formerly from myspace fame - for watching her niece and nephews, and for forsaking myspace fame for the common life of an Aunt of God :) )

I love our family and I love you, my wife.

Before it was all of us, it was just us (although "just us" was fairly short lived).

I like looking forward to nights like tonight where we get to remember and enjoy the "just us."

In other news, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the other two prominent ladies in my life (for a total of four if you are playing along at home: wife/sister/mother/daughter).

Mom, I love you.
Thank you for patiently loving me even though I was not as good of a son as you tell people I was.

Penelope, I love you.
You are the sweetest daughter and the thought of you produces giggles in my soul and gratitude to my God for providing and commiting such a beautiful specimen to me to raise.  I will always love you and protect you and guard your heart in leading you to Jesus in any and every thing.


  1. i love you too!,b=facebook

  2. i sincerely hope you don't love me more than Jesus Christ.