Monday, May 6, 2013

the middle of that water is poisoned‏

My amazing, beautiful, servant-hearted sister Lauren lent me her copy of Quitter to read. I came across this goldmine today over lunch-break at work.
“If there’s poison in a glass of water, no one says, ‘Be careful, the middle of that water is poisoned.’” ~ Jon Acuff in Quitter.
Sin affects everything.
Do not be so silly as to think that sin in one area is an isolated incident.
It’s not.
You cannot keep sin corralled.
Sin cannot be kept as a pet.
It must be killed with Christ on the Cross.
It will rule you.
It will migrate faster than you think and into areas you never anticipated.
You cannot fence it in.
A bull in a china shop does not stop with the china shop, it busts through the walls to the diner next door and so on and so forth.

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