Friday, May 10, 2013

for Christ's sake: down comforter‏

I often find myself asking Jesus to unite me to comfort.
I want Jesus to make a way back to comfort when I find myself uncomfortable.
The idolatry of comfort is pronounced in a convenience culture.
Inconvenience is our hell and we ask Jesus to save us from it.
In so doing, we fashion a Christ that does not exist to save us from a hell that is not real in order to have a god contained to our imaginations.
We ask Jesus to go between, to go ahead and to go before us to make peace with comfort so that we can have it back.
Jesus is a Mediator.
But not between us and comfort.
And not just us and not just our comfort.
How arrogant to create a god consumed only by my conditional circumstances. Not only does it reduce god to my servant, but it also ignores the fact that my comforts may cost other persons some discomfort. We create a Thunderdome scenario where two gods enter and one god leaves. My idol vs. your idol.
But I digress…
Jesus unites the elect to God, the Father.
He restores the rebel to the Father.
The Father is a Comforter.
But do not misread 1 John.
God is love.
Love IS NOT God.
So too…
God is comfort.
Comfort IS NOT God.

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