Tuesday, January 8, 2013

we interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this important announcement

The Family Voorst Five: Off to an Odd Year

The critically-acclaimed reign of the family voorst five will be coming to an end shortly.

However, it is being replaced by MORE of the SAME.

It's 4th down people.
4 quarters!

'cause it's 4 kids 4 the minivan voorsts.

You will now have to contend with the family voorst SIX.

That's right.

Paige and I are expecting our 4th child on Aug. 17th which those of you playing at home will note is our wedding anniversary. And those of you playing at home should also know that we are currently accepting large cash donations and/or gifts for either occasion accordingly :)

This will be our first odd year baby. 

Atticus '08
Penelope '10
Finneas '12

______? '13

There will certainly be more to report on this development in the months to come, but praise God for His provision and mercy in blessing us with another child to whom we may preach the Gospel of His Son in hopes that as they grow older they may not depart from it.

Keep us in your prayers.  We are selling a home, looking for a job, relocating our family to a new town, meeting new people, planting a new church, and creating a new church family.

Will power alone could power through it.
Pride could perform it.

But we want this to be a demonstration of the grace of God in Christ in us and for others.

My friend Jacob and I often jest about the non-biblical phrase,

"God doesn't give you more than you can handle." 

Yeah, sometimes He does.

Often He does. 
And praise Him for it.

My sin was more than I could handle.
But He took care of it. 
It was too big for me. 
But it was carried in full by Him.

This move, this job hunt, this pregnancy, all may very well be too much for Paige and I. 
And that's OK.
It is not too big for God.

And its in Him and on Him we are trusting as we white-knuckle these days by grace.

He is good.
And I love Him.


  1. I congratulated on Paige's blog already, but I will here, too. Congratulations!
    We'll be praying for you guys with all these changes.