Thursday, January 3, 2013

before & after: vapor trail mix

On Tuesday night I had a discussion with my mom on the phone about spanking and property rights.  Atticus took by force a toy from Penelope while I was on the phone with my mom.  It was a present she had given to Atticus for Christmas.  Atticus received a spank not for asserting his property rights, but for taking by force "his" toy from Penelope and then refusing to heed my voice when I told him to return the item to her.

On Wednesday afternoon I had a discussion with my mom about how many times she had communicated to her doctor she would like to be resuscitated before letting nature take its course in allowing her to go the way of the earth should something go wrong during her emergency surgery.

In less than 12 hours life’s tenor changed from daily life to life and death.

We are a vapor according to James,
We are a fading flower according to Peter.

We are prone to forget this amidst the plans and performing, but God has a merciful way of bringing us back to the reality that life is not a guarantee and our expiration dates are not clearly posted and printed on our persons, but all of our respective expirations are without exception.

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