Thursday, January 17, 2013

those who live in glass houses should open their doors

I learned this little nugget from Bob Thune.

Transparency is NOT vulnerability.

Glass is transparent but does not invite you in.
Glass is a barrier.

Vulnerability is being transparent and opening a door of invitation into your confessor's quarters.

We must be more than simply confessional.
We must be willing to be corrected after confessing.
We must be willing to hear how the Gospel addresses our depravity.
We must want more than simply to be an object of sympathy.
We must want sanctification.

We must be more than simply transparent, we must be vulnerable.

That is, IF we want to change.

If we only want to be good, dutiful Christians; transparent windows and closed doors will suffice.


  1. Change is hard. Saying 'Yes' to God is hard. True obedience is hard. Vulnerability is hard.

    Then I remember that God loves me more than I can even comprehend- loves all of us that much- and suddenly the impossible seems possible. Love this post.

    1. thank you Ms. Crisler.

      His love sets us free.

      formerly we were condemned and confession was a frightful affair.

      and rightly so.

      we were guilty and He is holy.

      but in Christ we are clean and confession only yokes us more closerly to that which defines us as perfect.

      such Good News!

      thanks for reading!