Friday, January 11, 2013

interview with a satire‏

A group of strangers all gathered together. We all know why we are here. None of us knows what exactly is about to happen. We all have prepared ourselves as best as we can. We have thought through what we imagine may happen next. We have determined our best strategy available to us. We have considered our strengths. We have tried to think of reasons why our faults are excusable or redeemable. We are all ready. But none of us know if our preparation will pay off. Some have more confidence than others. Some have faith. Some have robust resumes. Some have reason to think they may have an "in." Others worry that someone else may have an "in" that they don't. We are equals in one sense. We are equally unique and we all must face our assessor soon.

A sense of excitement and anxiety overcomes us as we wait to hear or name. What will he ask? What will he say? Will he like our response? Will we find his favor?

And in all of this my mind gravitated toward the judgment of God. I imagined standing next to a long line of people all preparing for the interview of and for their very lives. Not for a job, but for a judgment.

I pray on that day I have faith enough to lean entirely upon Jesus. The temptation will be to rely, even in part, on my resume. In that moment, I do not think I will want to have earned it as much as I will be tempted to doubt that it rests only and solely on Jesus. God will certainly require of me an explanation of my deeds and words. I know I may have reasons for them. I know for some I will have no excuse. May that day demonstrate that Jesus is entirely enough for anyone who on Him will fully rely. May I be found in that camp. May the fear produced by grace be relieved by that grace revealing the Son's sufficiency.

Not only in theory.

But for me.

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