Friday, January 4, 2013

i'd rather live in His world than live without Him in mine

On the long trek home from South Carolina the other day we heard Gladys Knight & the Pips power through the classic, "Midnight Train to Georgia."

Check it out HERE.

Which Pip is your favorite? 
Far left Pip has some killer moves. 
I feel far right Pip has the best voice though.
I could do without middle Pip altogether.

But I digress...

Where do you want to be?
With whom do you want to be there?
Which one of these wins when there is a conflict?

Team Van Voorst has recently encountered this dilemma.

We want to be with our family, friends, house, and church where we are currently.

We want to be with God wherever we are.

God has asked us to move.
We are moving because being with God and doing what He says is more important to us than being in our world without Him.

We'd rather live in His world than without Him in ours.

Thank you Gladys for the reminder that God is good and He is worth the abandonment of everything else if only to be with Him and be where He is.

Exodus 33:15
And (Moses) said to (God), “If Your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here..."

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