Tuesday, March 24, 2015

day no. 13,301: the preacher in process

The other morning, the big kids and I watched the video below (for about the 1,000th time)


I ADORE this video. 


You may be tempted to think that we've watched 1,000 times because kids love watching stuff over and over and in part, you'd be right. But I'm right there with them when it comes to this masterpiece. 

I love that Elijah sings opera at some points. 
I love the animation.
I love the storytelling. 
Love, love, love. 


I have longed prayed that my son would be a pastor who faithfully preaches God's Word and that in my lifetime I would get to hear him preach the Good News of Jesus Christ empowered by God's Spirit. 

He's well on his way. 

He already thinks like a preacher apparently. 

After watching it this particular time, Atticus dropped a bombshell of awesomesauce: 

"The water did not put out the fire of God, the fire of God put out the water." 

So pastoral. 

I can hear that play on words preached even now. 

What a tiny stud. 

Atticus, I LOVE you little man.

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