Friday, March 20, 2015

day no. 13,297 continued... every new beginning is some other beginning's end

Candeo had an elder retreat this evening.

It was agreed upon at tonight's session that I would step don effectively immediately from my role as elder at Candeo Church.

Due to my lack of inherent desire (a la 1 Tim 3) and thus being in the office merely out of compulsion (a la 1 Peter 3) it seemed prudent according to Scripture for me to step back from my role as elder at Candeo.

This was a long time coming in some respect as I had felt the lack of desire for a spell now, but had hoped, along with the other elders, that the desire would rekindle or perhaps find it season passed.

I love Candeo.

I love Jesus.

I think the best thing for my love for both and their respective benefit is for me to return to lay leadership in the body.  This was agreed upon by the other elders and affirmed in response to the Biblical requirements to serve in this capacity and the evidence of my heart and life stage at the moment.

It was a good run.

I am honored to have been allowed the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

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