Friday, March 6, 2015

day no. 13,283: Happy 3rd Birthday Finneas!!!


I love you little boy.  

You are such a sweet child.

You love to cuddle.

You love to fight and wrassle.

You are just a joy to have as a son.

You are full of emotion and you wear it on your sleeve.

It is sometimes the best of times and sometimes the worst of times and you feel it all intensely.

I love that about you.

I pray that like Phinehas from the Bible you would have great zeal and follow-throughed-ness, but I also pray like that same Phinehas, you would have discernment and ask questions before acting impulsively.

The same man who grabbed a spear when it was clear, asked questions of the 2 1/2 tribes when the rumors were at their worst.  In both circumstances, he proved himself a man of action, but a man of wise action.  

I am excited to see how God will use your courage and tenderheartedness to give Him glory and give others hope and compassion.

You are a tender, tiny warrior and I absolutely adore you little boy.

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

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