Wednesday, March 4, 2015

day no. 13,281: God will not give His glory away

"What sets God apart from the vengeful idols of our minds that demand everything and forgive nothing is the dying love of Christ for sinners who don't even listen to Him carefully. God will not give that glory away, whatever it takes - even death on a cross." ~ Ray Ortlund, Jr.


Still delighting in my "God Saves Sinners" commentary on the book of Isaiah by Ray Ortlund, Jr.

The most surprising thing in the world is that the God we wish existed is the only true God that actually is.

The idols of our imaginations seem more likely to us.

He is not limited by our limitations.
He is not bound by our bondage.

He is above and beyond and fully committed to being the glorious gracious, one and only, God.

His glory is to show grace in giving to those who don't deserve it, who haven't rightfully earned it.

His glory is to grant mercy to those who fully deserve destruction, who have rightfully earned a guilty verdict.

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