Wednesday, December 31, 2014

day no. 13,218: teeny, tiny 8 bit warriors

My son, Atticus, built this the other day:

and to answer your question, "No," he has never even seen this...

although, that's coming soon enough. 

Crazy, right?

Atticus invented the Zelda sword without ever having seen it!

Kudos my grasshopper.

I remember spending an entire summer as a kid playing The Legend of Zelda on NES.  Fun times.  No internet. No cheats. No nothing. I remember using standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper to create a map of each screen. Then scotch tape to piece it all together. Then I remember Nintendo Magazine coming out and having cheats and codes and what not to help you.  At that point, we had pretty much everything figured out, but it was fun to discover a few more tricks, but also a little disappointing that now every slacker  10 year old who could convince his or her parents to buy a $3 magazine would have the same intel it took me and Nathan Helwig an ENTIRE summer to acquire. But they didn't have the fun we had.

So until the day my little 8 bit warriors get the joy of saving Zelda themselves, it will suffice to watch them sharpen their skills in real life.

Atticus appears to have given the 8 bit Zelda sword to Finneas and fashioned for hiimself an 8 bit shiv of sorts.  That, I hope, he never sees in real life. Eva!

Lastly, another adorbs pic of Finneas and his trusty, clunky 8 bit sword.

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