Wednesday, December 24, 2014

day no. 13,211: in and out among the ordinary things‏

My dead friend Oswald helped me put into words something I have observed in myself and in those around me.
"The key to missionary devotion means being attached to nothing and no one saving Our Lord Himself, not being detached from things externally. Our Lord was amazingly in and out among ordinary things; His detachment was on the inside towards God. External detachment is often an indication of a secret vital attachment to the things we keep away from externally."
I can remember vehemently opposing certain things that I was inwardly, secretly struggling to resist.  I would distance myself from them externally because inwardly I was so intimate with them.  The outward ascetic coated an inward insatient.
Sometimes people who outwardly walk far from the line, inwardly tip-toe dangerously close to it in their thoughts.
The real thing is being inwardly detached and outwardly involved in the world.
The real thing is being inwardly devoted to Jesus and outwardly serving Him in whatever circumstances arrive.

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