Thursday, January 30, 2014

day no. 12,883: a committed welcoming‏

1 Peter 4:9
Be hospitable to one another without complaining.
How difficult is that sometimes, right?
It would be one thing to merely be welcoming.
It’s a whole another thing to do so without grumbling or complaining about “having” to do it.
I have a lot to learn with regard to granting people access to my life and our home in respecting that BOTH my life and home need a door, but they also need a lock (and then rooms inside the home need doors and locks as well).
That’s code for saying not everyone has equal access to each and every part of me. My wife has access to me in a way that is different than my neighbor. She also has access to me in a way that is different than my children.
But I digress….
Thanks for the kick in the crotch Pete.
God have mercy on us.
Holy Spirit renew our minds.
Jesus mediate on our behalf and praise be to You for welcoming us into Your perfect life.
Things were great until You invited us over for dinner.
We ruined your rug and made noise, noise, NOISE at Your peaceful table.
You welcomed us in.
You were hospitable with Your life and Your home.
Thank You for doing that perfectly and without complaining so that by faith in You we are perfectly welcomed in Your presence and seen as being perfectly hospitable and welcoming.


  1. you're right - that is so timely!

    1. we can be hospitable because we’ve been shown hospitality.
      after all, it’s not our life or our house in the long run.