Thursday, January 2, 2014

day no. 12,855: decisions made primarily out of passion tend to be reneged when the passion passes on

Chambers and I had a chat while I was rocking little miss Laurelai this AM.
Beware of a surrender which you make to God in an ecstasy;you are apt to take it back again.
Why are so many of us born-again again and again?
Did the first birth not take?
We are called to die daily and in that sense I would suppose it would be safe to say that we should be reborn daily rather than lie on the floor like a chalk outline.
Maybe some of it comes from our American sense of romance that requires passion to be at its tipping point in order for the moment to be justified later as legitimate. Even if the passion wears off and the partners part ways, the moment is reflected upon as legit because the right balance of adrenaline and dopamine were pumping through our veins (and arteries too I would suppose).
Beware of making ecstasy a pre-requisite for commitment.
It is great to be excited and enthusiastic.
I would never seek to rob anyone of that.
The whole of the Christian life is one of responsive love and adoration, so I get it.
But your devotion will not last unless it is anchored in Christ.
You cannot build a house on emotion.
The foundation gives way before the second row of bricks are laid.
Responsive love cannot be separated from receiving revelation.
We don’t seek experience in order to have a revelation, we receive revelation and experience the overflow of it regenerating us.
I’m sure there are probably more complicated terms regarding the exact order and process for what happens in receiving and accepting Jesus and repenting of sin and reacting by transforming your mind in being conformed to the image of His perfect Son and our Christ.
I’m not a theologian.
But I agree with Chambers, decisions made primarily out of passion tend to be reneged when the passion passes on.

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