Wednesday, January 1, 2014

day no. 12,854: GAP from GOF and the LJC‏

GAP from GOF and the LJC is probably the name of my next band if I should ever have the time and/or energy and partners to pull it off.
(that's "gee ay pee from the gee oh eff and the el jay see")
That’s “grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” for those playing at home.
It’s a common greeting used by Paul in many of his letters to the churches he loved.
OK, so I’m probably not going to start a band anytime soon and if I did, it probably would not actually be called GAP from GOF and the LJC, but I want some excuse to try and make this “a thing” in Christian circles.
I’d like to have a hand in being a one man meme factory.
How do all these things take flight in the first place?
Somebody had to be the first to type NBD to which the recipient responded, “huh?”
We all know now that it’s "no big deal," but we didn’t back then.

Additionally, there is a sweet irony in abbreviating no big deal in ALL CAPS! (if it's such a little deal then why use such large letters to communicate it?)
Maybe someday everyone will know that GAP from GOF and the LJC is “a thing” as well.
Maybe not.
Either way, if I type that again on here, that’s what I mean by it.
Got it?

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