Friday, March 8, 2013

the downward spiral‏

We are all religious. 
We all worship. 

It is who we are and what we were created to do. 
Because we do not worship the real God, we make for ourselves idols.
The rest is merely a natural downward spiral.

1. We reject God.
2. We worship stuff.
3. We call our stuff "god."
4. We will not sleep or rest until we get our "god."
5. We manipulate our parents to get what we want or hate them for withholding it from us..
6. We hate people who don't like our stuff.
7. We lust after stuff and seek to serve ourselves.
8. We take the stuff we want from others
9. We lie to manipulate others to get what we want.
10. We hate our neighbors for having the stuff we want.

See a theme here?
It's the dark side of a fairly popular Top 10 list and it's as natural as "1... 2.. 3..."

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