Friday, March 22, 2013

decimating religion‏

Bloodied and burdened with fear, I stand here trembling next to my fellow soldiers.

We fought so bravely to defend our homeland, but in the end they were just too much for us.

My wife and children are at home. I force thoughts of them out of my mind. I do now know if I will ever see them again. I do not know if they will survive this war.

Blood and sweat trickle down my temple. My knees shake. My armor rattles. My teeth shiver.

Why have we been standing here so long? I wish I would have been killed in the battle.

I wish we had had more men to fight along side of.... what?

What was that?

Looking to my right and see one of my brothers brought down by the plunge of a sword.

They are far off, but I recognize that sound of metal piercing bone even from here.

What is happening? O God, what is happening.

The man with the sword is making his way towards me. I don't remember seeing him in battle befo.... O God, no!

Another one of my brothers has been pierced and put down.

What is the rhyme or reason here? How is he deciding who to slay and who to save?

What is the logic? How can I survive? Who will die? Who will live?

It's too late to manipulate my odds now.

O God, another one slain. My heart beats against my breastplate. My temples are full of blood.

The man is drawing closer and killing men. Not all men, but some. No one is speaking.

How is he deciding? Is this all random? How can I avoid his gaze?

Here he comes. Do not look at him. Maybe he won't.....

O God, this is how I die? Like this? For what? And why?


All religion is as fickle as decimation.
A crapshoot.
A daisy saying, "He loves me, He loves me not."

Only in Jesus is there any assurance of salvation.

No Jesus. No peace.
Know Jesus. Know peace.

Yeah, I'm with you: it's lame.
But it is accurate.

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