Thursday, March 28, 2013

marriage and fertility rates in america‏

My wife sent me THIS article the other day.

So apparently we are a growing anomaly in this society because we are married and have children and ZERO dogs.

I'm OK with being weird if defined by that standard.

I've heard Driscoll speak to this matter for years mentioning that pets outnumber children in his home city of Seattle.

I'm not a dog guy.
That is not to say I'm a cat guy.
Is that even a thing?

I'm not a pet guy.

I would rather have kids.
I like watching them eat.
I don't think about them eating my paycheck.
It's fun to eat with them.

I would rather have a wife.
Sure, I don't get everything she likes to buy.
But I'd rather buy stuff I don't understand for her than stuff I do understand for dogs.
I'll take nails and hair dye over leashes and beggin' strips anyday.

That's just me.
Pets are cool.

But they are not cooler than spouses and children.


  1. I'm not a pet person. I like the *idea* of pets, but then I get around them and remember that I just don't really like sharing my indoor space with animals. And I kind of feel like I should be hiding my identity just saying that, because if anything will get you ostracized in this country, it's admitting that pets aren't really your thing.

    1. i like other people's pets. i like petting them (fittingly enough) and then leaving them to poop and eat and whimper elsewhere.

      but even then, if i come to visit and you do not have pets, i do not miss them.