Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts from "How 'Love God and Love Others' is a Backward Gospel" by Justin Holcomb

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Q: What is the Gospel?
A: Love God and love others.

Result: Either self-righteousness in pridefully assuming you're doing that or total desparation in knowing that you fall flat short of that.


Q: What is the Gospel?
A: Jesus loved God and others perfectly and by faith in Him we are seen as having done the same.

Result: Humility and faith in the righteousness granted by God from God unto God to His glory


This is a great reminder of the necessity of semantics (that certain words mean certain somethings) and avoiding the confusion of categories (that one thing is categorically different than the other thing)..

"Love God, love people" is a great summary of the Law of God, not the grace of God.  

The Law of God is perfect and awesome. 

But the Law did not die for you.

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