Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Social Mediocre

That is about right.  I am a passionate guy when it comes to doctrine and the historical, orthodox, Christian faith.  So it goes without saying that perusing "Christian" blogs periodically on the internet!!!

I am wrong often as well and I pray you forgive me for that.  I get zealous and speak in hyperbole for emphasis when my heart really isn't behind the weight of adrenaline pumping through my tongue (or my fingers speaking on behalf of my tongue on this blog).

Point being this however: someone on the internet IS actually wrong.  If you have been online any amount of time, you know that the there is a site or blog for every opinion imaginable.  And while you may be entitled to your opnion and you may be sincere, that does not equate to a currency of truthfulness or reality by necessity.  You can be sincere AND wrong.  Genuineness is not the ultimate arbiter.  It is appreciated and virtuous, but not a trump card. 

Be discerning young Christian as to whom you allow a passport to your soul in allowing another's thoughts to visit your mind.  We should be sharpened and deepened by others.  We are not islands.  Be discerning however.  "Bad company ruins good morals."

Some of those claiming to be light are all heat.

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