Friday, July 13, 2012

The Rocket Summer's "Walls"

I was listening to this song on my iPod while working and was struck in particular by the post-chorus:

And all the weight you carry
Will disappear and I will willingly
Embrace your so
You lay your head
So come on home
Come on home
Come on home

It reminded me of images of Christian in Pilgrim's Progress shedding that awful weight and burden that he carried prior to God meeting Him with the Good News of Jesus Christ!  It also reminds me that the Good News is not just for the day you are found by the One willing to take on your heavy load and burden, but everyday being found in the One willing to carry you. 

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I'll help you break the walls down
I'll help you break the walls down
And bust you out and take you home
Believe in Me (i.e. Jesus) you are not alone
I'll help you break the walls down

The implied Gospel is useful in the arts to point us homeward, but without the proclaiming of the actual, explicit Gospel, it remains simply an arrow without a target.
The weight we carry will disappear only inasmuch as it is transferred to Christ.  He takes our burdens and becomes the weary, weighted down that we might become the easily yoked and freed.
That is the reality and Truth to which this song points.  No neutered, greeting-card, simply silver-lined, sentimental, platitudes.  This is not feel-good.  This is declared good by God, not because you are, but because He is and will be your righteousness by faith in Christ Jesus.

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