Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To the future men over whom I have been made father

Proverbs 24:21

My son, fear the LORD and the king,
and do not join with those who do otherwise

The book of Proverbs is a book written from a father to his son. That is not to discount its value for daughters, but its primary, intended audience was a son to whom great responsibilities would be inherited upon the passing of their father.  So in keeping with that them...

Dear sons,

You inherit that which your sister never could.  You will become men whereas she will blossom into a woman.  Hers is the noble and godly office of woman.  To you it has been assigned the role of men.  Yours will be the task of sweat, stress, labor, and the responsibility to provide.  You are the image and glory of God.  In you He has placed much hope.  Your power and strength are for protection, standing firm, and provision.  By your hands, creativity and intelligence, others may have their prayers answered.  Do not bully.  Do not use your wisdom, strength, and position for mere self-promotion.  You are to serve.  You are to lay down your own interests for the sake of others.  You will never find sustained satisfaction in the pursuit of self.  The depths of a soul are great and you will get lost in yours as Narcissus drown in the waters of his own reflection.  Do not gaze into yourself for hope and discernment.  Call out to God to grant you eyes to see that help which is outside of you.  May you see who God is, have humility to understand who you are, and in confidence live in knowing who Christ is, and was, and will forever be.

I love you my sons. May you be bold, courageous, strong, wise, and compassionate, meek, and full of service and good works.  Be men.  Act like men.  Resolve yourself now to the reality of all women and children entering the boats of safety prior to your inclusion.  Resolve yourself now to hard work and labor to provide food and shelter to those over whom the LORD gives you authority and responsibility.  Resolve yourself now to faith in Christ alone.  May your heart be constantly granted mercy for its shortcomings and enlightenment and sensitivity to repent of the religion and the indulgence into which we all are often tempted and fall. 

You are men.  You have no choice in that matter.  It was determined for you.  May you embrace it and be informed Biblically about how to literally flesh it out.  You are my sons.  I love you.  Speak kind words to those under your wing.  Do not seek respect, but always seek to live respectfully.  Do not seek justice for yourself, but always seek justice for others.  Do not inist on your rights, but make it your mission to defend and honor that which is right.  Take the bullet.  Carry the cross.  Repent of self.  Embrace Jesus by faith.

Follow me inasmuch as I follow Jesus.  Honor me as your father because the LORD has asked you to do so.  I will fail you and sin against you.  By grace, I pray I will be forgiven by God and you for my sin..

With much love and hope,

Your father,


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